15 Clothing Mistakes That Can Complicate Your Life

5. Wearing a swimsuit the wrong way

15 Clothing Mistakes That Can Complicate Your Life

How you’re doing it wrong: With the fancy way swimsuits are made these days, it’s not unusual to be confused about how to wear them. Some may wear them upside down, the back side in front, or tie it up wrongly.
Why it’s wrong: It may leave the body parts you need covered, hanging out.
How to do it right: Make sure to try the swimsuit on before buying it. Pay attention to the way a swimsuit is hung, since this may give you a clue about how it is meant to be worn.

6. Wearing a shirt that is so tight it causes gaping

How you’re doing it wrong: Wearing a tight shirt, trying to look sharp, without considering whether there will be unwanted gaping between the buttons.
Why it’s wrong: It can lead to discomfort, breathing problems, and embarrassment if a button pops off.
How to do it right: Ensure that the shirt is straight and smooth when buttoned up and that there is no gap in between the buttons. You can also choose a looser cut, add a button or stitch along the seams so that the buttons are covered.

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