Do You Want To See How To Make A Karambit Knife?

Step 1

To start, I drew a template to define the outline of the piece we want to replicate.
I placed it on a piece of styrofoam to replicate the karambit.

Step 2: Cutting the Styrofoam

The next thing was to cut the styrofoam and I placed two columns of the same material and put it inside a container full of sand, covering it almost completely.

Step 3: Melt the Aluminum

Then I turned on my smelting furnace, and melted some pieces of aluminum.ย 
And then I poured the liquid aluminum over the mold that is in the sand.

Step 4: Cutting the Shape

Now that I have the form I was looking for, I put it in the morza (vice) and cut a thin sheet of about 5mm.
Then I polished it a little .

Step 5: Sharp the Knife and Hole

With a sharpie I made some lines where I mimicked the karambit edge a bit and then made a hole in the back.ย 
(I used a wick of spade because I had no other, but itโ€™s not what I recommend)

Step 6: The Grip

For the grip of the knife handle I chose to use the sole of some shoes, I also drew the silhouette with a sharpie and then with a little bit of epoxy I stuck it in place.

Step 7: Finish

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