Hacker From Germany Transforms Sausages Into A Working Piano

The web is loaded with many intriguing things. The greater part of them are very helpful and in any event, astounding, yet the rest is regularly superfluous and odd. What’s more, you gotta love it on the grounds that there is presumably no preferred source for imagination over the web, paying little heed to what shape or structure it may come in.

Meet Patrick from Patrick’s World, who has utilized his inventiveness muscle in a manner that most likely no one has ever considered. He took out some customary German wieners, snared them to certain wires that were associated with various sound gear, and made a completely useful piano. Indeed, you read that effectively.

Image credits: Patrick’s World

Patrick runs a blog called Patrick’s World, and as its motto gladly announces, it’s a blog devoted to simply sitting around. Notwithstanding, I wouldn’t state it’s a finished exercise in futility since Patrick wound up making most likely the world’s first—and perhaps just—piano made of frankfurters.

Along these lines, he transferred a video of his melodic arrangement to the web back in January of 2019, yet it has just now surfaced on the web, drawing the consideration of numerous Internauts. In the video, we see, evidently, Patrick trying out his creation called the Bockwurstklavier, or Bockwurst Piano. A Bockwurst is a conventional German hotdog produced using ground veal and pork.

German designing virtuoso Patrick of Patrick’s World as of late made a useful bockwurst wiener piano

Image credits: Patrick’s World

The piano comprises of 10 wiener keys, every one of which is snared to a wire that prompts a circuit board and other sound preparing hardware. At whatever point Patrick contacts a wiener while additionally contacting the bit of hardware out of sight, the “machine” delivers piano sounds.

The keys work either by contacting them exclusively or on the whole, as appeared in the video, so it is conceivable to play full harmonies and, henceforth, various tunes. However long there is contact with another piece of electrical gear, contacting the frankfurter keys produces sound.3

As the video shows, diverse piano tones play when Patrick contacts the wieners

It’s conceivable to play numerous keys (hotdogs) at a time, which means that it takes into account full harmonies

Presently, the piano misses the mark concerning a full octave as it would require 12 keys—7 common keys (the white ones) and 5 sharps and pads (the dark ones). In any case, there are just 10 keys, which is presumably the standard number of wieners in a solitary bundle, however you comprehend what, it actually gives astounding outcomes as it certainly seems like a piano regardless of it in a real sense being a hotdog.

Internauts thought this was a fantastic bit of melodic hardware with many snickering at how irregular, yet intentional, everything is. While some adulated this fine piece of German designing, others kidded asking if there is likewise a Leberkäse variant, which is one more meat item in Germany produced using hamburger, pork and bacon, like bologna wiener.

In spite of the fact that it just has 10 “keys”, it’s all that anyone could need to play numerous tunes and songs

Image credits: Patrick’s World

Unquestionably not the wurst thought that has graced the web, that is without a doubt.

This isn’t the first of Patrick’s melodic undertakings as there additionally was another video of him programming melodic circles to be enacted upon the dash of Radeberger lager jars, as found in this video. Would be very convenient for move raves or Octoberfest.

Look at the sausage piano in real life

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