How To Made Homecinema Screenwall

Step 1: The Blueprint and Measurement

At first i started my beamer and take a look on the pictruresize i like and do some little marks wit a pen on the wall.
then i do a little sketch about how i would like to have the look of the thing done, and scratch the right measurement on the wall.

Step 2: Scratching Off the Wallpaper

We begann scratiching down the Wallpaper and under the wallpaper was older wallpaper and under this was more older wallpaper.

Step 3: Hack Down the Wall Plaster

Now we Grab the Hammer and chisel and hack down the wall Plaster, thats a very loud and dusty work be carefull and wear a eye shade.

Step 4: Fill Inn the Screen Surface

Now we got an nice frame and the inside screen surface wich we fill in with some putty to get it real smooth after sanding.

Step 5: Cleaning the Bricks

Now we cleaning the bricks from the remains of the old wall plaster, i chosse a hard wire brush for that work.
Its VERY Dusty, when you do this you should wear a mask.

Step 6: Cleaning Up

Now thats the hardest part, the fine dust is EVERYWHERE, it lasts houres till we got clean.
It was aufull.

Step 7: Sealing

at last we bring some sealing to the bricks wich let them look a little more dark and amore red.
This sealing is clear and also prevents the bricks from crumbling.

Step 8: Painting

The last step is Painting the frame surrounding areas, we just use normal wallwhite.

And painting the screen, we use an special collor for screens wich make better colors in the Projector pictures.

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