How to Make a BAT-bookshelf Step By Step


2 pine wood panel size 180 cm x 70 cm

jigsaw – drill – wood glue – sand paper and a lot of clamp

Step 1: Trace the Plan of the Bookshelf

When the plan is trace, you can print it on A4 paper sheet, you just have to select the right option in the print windows. just like my screenshot.
When all sheets are print, you have to use tape to tape the sheet together.
Then cut the BAT-plan. and draw it on the wood panel.

Step 2: Cut the Wood Panels

I cutĀ the twoĀ wood panelsĀ within theĀ same time. i’ve screwed them together to avoid movements.

You needĀ a strongĀ jigsaw : 650 wattĀ is sweetĀ becauseĀ you’reĀ cutting 36 mm of wood.

Once you finishĀ the primaryĀ cut,Ā you’ve gotĀ to formĀ a wood guider to traceĀ the insideĀ ofĀ the formĀ .

Before start the second cuttingĀ we’veĀ to drill some hole.
When the drill stepĀ is completedĀ ,Ā you’llĀ scoop out the BATMAN wood shape.

see you on step 3 for the assembly of the wood skeleton.

Step 3: Wood Skeleton First Assembly

At this moment you have to define the depth of your bookshelf.
I choose 25 cm for the depth. so i cut pieces of 25 cm in the wooden sticks.

Step 4: Glue All Parts Together

When you gluing the wood sticks on the wood skeleton, use a set square to be sure the sticks are right glued.
Let the glue dry for 24h00 and the wood structure is now done.
Next step, 3 mm thickness medium bending.

Step 5: Wood Bending

To take the measures, just use a sewing meter
the meter ribbon will fit the curves of the wood for accurate measurements
to make the jonction between the different part, i use my finger to make a wood glue joint .

Step 6: Make the Square for Wall Fixation

To attach the shelf to the wall I’ll use a simple square system. 2 brackets will be fixed to the wall. The shelf is simply placed on it. the brackets will also serve as rest book.
there is not specific explanation or advice, just make a solid square.
just need to have your angle as wide as the library so that it does not repose on the bentwood.


Once all the wood parts are bended and glued, we have to sand the edges
To doing that i use a grinder with sand-disk and a oscillating sander.
When all all edges are sanded, i try the wall fixation.

Step 8: Finish and Decorating

You have 3 choices :

1 – Do nothing and keep the natural/wood aspect.

2 – paint the bookshelf withĀ the colourĀ you would likeĀ – rusted effect – vintage color,Ā you’reĀ totally free !

3 – use Comics pages and glue themĀ to embellishĀ the outsideĀ of the bookshelf.

you can use differents glues : Wallpaper glue – Wood glue – and PVA glue.

OnceĀ this is oftenĀ done,Ā you onlyĀ need toĀ varnish all the bookshelf.

I decidedĀ to attachĀ comics page only onĀ the sidesĀ of the bookshelf.

I use a glue call PVA.

When the glue is dry, i cut the paper with a cutterĀ thenĀ i sandĀ the stingĀ to urgeĀ a smooth effect.

Step 9: Place Your Bookshelf and Your Comics Book

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