How To Make A Coffe Table From A Pallet


Abandoned pallet
16″ Hairpin legs (#8 screws included)
Linseed Oil

100 grit (medium) and 220 grit (fine) sandpaper
Butter knife or spatula
Old rag

Step 1: Find the Pallet

The best place to seem for an excellent pallet is behind grocery stores and wine shops but make certain to ask if they’re ok if you’re taking one. For this project, I got lucky and located a pallet next to my apartment that already had slats covering the whole top. If you’ll only find pallets with open slots on the highest you’ll take the slats off of a special pallet and put them on the primary pallet to fill within the gaps.

Time to hold home: 4 minutes
Total elapsed time: 4 minutes

Step 2: Sand the Pallet

Before working with the wood, make certain to wear gloves to guard from splinters and a mask to guard from the dust while sanding.

Start by employing a strong knife to interrupt off any large splinters that would catch on things once the table is completed . Use a couple of damp paper towels to wipe the dirt off the surface then sand the highest and sides with 80 grit (Medium) sandpaper. re-evaluate it again with 240 grit (Fine) sandpaper until it’s smooth to run your fork over .

Time to prep the pallet: 32 minutes
Total elapsed time: 36 minutes

Step 3: Attach the Legs

Set the legs on the underside of the pallet and use the provided screws (#8 screws 1¼ in) . The pallet wood is soft enough that you simply don’t got to drill pilot holes which saves a while . Wiggle the legs a touch while screwing them right down to confirm they’re completely secured.

Screw time: 13 minutes
Total elapsed time: 49 minutes

Step 4: Oil the Table

I chose to rub flaxseed oil into the outer facing surface of the table to bring out the colour but this is often an optional step. Take an old rag and dip it within the flaxseed oil and rub it into the wood during a circular motion until you’ve got covered all the surfaces. It’s best to not touch the table for about an hour after using the oil but you’re all done once it’s covered!

Time to oil: 11 minutes
Total elapsed time: 1 hour!

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