How To Make A Electric Skateboard

Battery – Diy Eboard 10s2p Battery Pack

ESCFlipsky Dual VESC

Flipsky AntiSpark Switch

Remote ControlAlien Power System 2.4 Ghz

Tools you will need:

battery drill – for mounting your enclosure to the deck

Screwdrivers/hex keys – for whatever screws you use

Soldering iron and solder – for the esc xt60 connections

Step 1: Electronics Enclosure

I designed my very own electronics enclosure for this project which perfectly accommodates my chosen components whilst occupying minimal space under the board. the planning was SLS 3D printed in nylon for excellent toughness and sturdiness you’ll in fact make any enclosure you would like , some people even simply use a food storage box. However if you’d wish to accompany my design then the STL file is out there for download on my website here:

Please note you’ll require a 3d printer with a build area of 300x300mm or greater.

Then, use the enclosure to mark off the 6 holes, or if you’re making your own enclosure then mark off the points where you would like to mount it.

Step 2: Assembly

A ready built truck kit makes the assembly of this board very straight forward and self explanatory. All that is required is a bit of soldering of the XT60 and bullet connectors onto the ESC and anti spark switch and then just connect everything together as per the wiring diagram Flipsky

Step 3: VESC Programming

You will need to configure your VESC to your setup before use. Here is a comprehensive tutorial that Flipsky provided for their VESC’s.

Step 4: Testing

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