How To Make A Simple Bed…

Step 1: Find The Place

Total price is about $40.
1. 2000*200*18 mm (2) – 14,8$
2. 1200*200*18 mm (2) – 8.5$
3. 2000*35*50 mm (3) – 3,5$
4. 1300*82*17 mm (15) – 11$
5. wood screws 3,5*45 mm (100) – 1,5$
6. Screw-confirmat 7х50 mm (14) – 2$
7. Screw М8*80 mm (4) – 1$
8. Nuts, self-locking М8 (4) – 0,5$
1. Screwdriver
2. Saw
3. Grinder
4. Roulette
5. Level

Step 2

In the hardware store we buy materials. Try to choose the smoothest details. Do not be lazy to sort out a few boards. The smoother the materials, the easier it will be for you to collect the bed. First of all, collect the bed frame. Set the angle of 90 degrees. Fix with the clamps.

Step 3

Connecting two wood panels with screw-confirmat. 3 screws for each corner.

Step 4

Check the diagonals. Must be the same length.

Step 5

For the bed legs I used the remnants from balusters. The main part and I used to make a table in the kitchen. The remains were perfect for the bed legs.

Step 6

Next, take the board 35*50 mm and measure. We have to cut off 2 thicknesses of a furniture Board and 2 thicknesses of legs.

Step 7

Try on the cut timber. Insert the legs.

Step 8

You should get a 90-degree angle.

Step 9

Fasten the bar to the furniture Board. I Used screws 3,5*45 mm. Screw in screws every 10 cm

Step 10

Now fix the leg with a clamp and drill a through hole. 8 mm drill bit.

Step 11

Insert the M8 screw and tighten the self-locking nut.

Step 12

Check the level . All right, frame’s ready.

Step 13

Proceed to the manufacture of lamellas. The boards had to be trimmed a bit. I left a small margin for the expansion of the tree, so I cut not 1200 mm, but 1150mm.

Step 14

Lay out the lamellas. Expose the same distance between them.

Step 15

And fasten them to the bar. 2 screws on each side.

Step 16

For greater reliability, in the center of the bed, I made a rib.

Step 17

Proceed to the final processing. To do this, sanded with sandpaper. I only used 180 grains.

Step 18

Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner

Step 19

Cover with oil for wood-Watco Danish Oil (light walnut).

Step 20

And do not forget about the legs.

Step 21

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