How To Make Jeepers Creepers Rock Eye Peepers

Step 1: ​The Stuff

Hunt around and you almost certainly have a number of these decorative clear glass vase filler pebbles within the house somewhere. they are available during a few sizes but I chose the most important I could find.
Dig out some nail enamel as well; especially tones of eye colours and plain white.
Any colour of zipper will work but you’ll need about 6″ (upcycle from your old jeans). they will be cut shorter to suit.
The impatient a part of me is employing a fast setting concrete again, but you’ll check here to ascertain what other choices you’ll have.
Add some tin foil and old plastic bags,
hot glue & glue-gun,
as well because the usual safety equipment like gloves and mud mask.

Step 2: ​The Eyes Come First

The process for creating the glass eyes involves performing on the flat side of the pebbles which can eventually be the rear . Think backwards because the first layers are going to be the foremost visible. A drop of black are going to be the pupil then a mixture of colors will structure the iris. check out your eye and see all the tiny details. Multiple layers and a few scraping back will give the finer details.

The subsequent layers will show through nicely and mixing a couple of colours makes it more unique. Add a final thick solid layer of white to end it off. Don’t rush the drying. If you would like to repair edges an xacto knife will scrape away any errors.

Here’s watching you! and that i love that they’re glass and not plastic.

Step 3: ​The Rock Eye Form

As a filler I even have repurposed a number of the plastic bags then covered them with a layer of tin foil into a ball-like shape. It makes them lighter and it doesn’t absorb moisture which is sweet . Crumple up an appropriate shape then hot glue the ‘glass eyes’ in situ you’ll make shapes that resemble imperfect rocks.

Step 4: ​Setting the Eyes

Since these will probably find a range in the garden the within eye section must even be permanent. Mix a really stiff amount of concrete (this mix sets quick so don’t mix too much) then spread it round the eyes to completely cover the foil.

This is the within eye section so it doesn’t got to cover then entire rock. Let it cure which with this concrete is about 1 hour.

Step 5: The Zipper Eyelids

Now the fun part; making some crazy eye expressions; angry, sad, whatever you wish they will even be flipped since the poor fellows don’t have noses… Tack the zipper sections in situ with hot glue and stop any extra length.

Each one features a personality. There’s just something about looking into someone’s eyes… mesmerizing.

Step 6: ​Patty-cake Patty Cake

Do you now realize that playing within the sandbox (real sand and muck) was preparation for real life?!

Mix alittle amount of the concrete mix. With a brush wet the zipper before spreading the stiff concrete misunderstanding against the zipper with a flat tool sort of a knife or tongue depresser. If it’s too dry it’ll not ‘rob’ the concrete of it’s moisture to form it crack.

Fill within the remainder of the ‘rock’ and use your hands if needed. This concrete will start to urge stiffer and become quite moldable like clay. Not all rocks are perfectly round so leave some texture and bumps. they’re rocks not potatoes!

Step 7: Cleaning Up

To smooth out any little lumps and have a clean edge to the zipper use a wet brush. Clean off any concrete on the eyes too.

Step 8: Rocks Aren’t Really That Clean

Rocks aren’t meant to be perfectly white or clean so a skinny ‘drippy’ wash of a mud-colour acrylic will make it appear as if authentic rock. Let it run and drip into the details; couldn’t be easier! I find concrete lasts better without thick layers of paint as they have a tendency to peel or peel off .

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