15 Impressive Stories when a TV Show helped people lose weight

Mainstream TV unscripted TV Show “My 600-lb-life” helps people with heftiness get more fit and improve their health. The members truly shock watchers with the numbers on the scales that are regularly more than 600 lb. A great many watchers can’t remain not interested in the manner such individuals live and how they defeat the troubles.

#1 Amber Rachdi

Credits: © TLC   © amberrachdi / instagram  

By the age of 24, she had gained around 660 pounds. She was upset with her life even she had to rely on a wheelchair since she was 16 years old. Her life was all dependent on others because she wasn’t able to take care of herself unless a TV show ( My-600-Ib-life ) who helps the people suffering from obesity called her with family.

Doctors of the show suggested amber the ways of decreasing her calorie intake and motivated her to do some exercises for physical movement and approved for her gastric bypass surgery after some time. Amber decided to change herself with great ambition and she started to hit the gym daily.

Amber’s efforts showed hilarious results, by the end of the show she had dropped 267Ibs and was looking healthier than ever. After regularly following the diet and routine she lost more than 200 Ibs and now she is 182 pounds and an
Instagram star.

#2 Christina Phillips

Credits: © TLC   © Christina Phillips / facebook  

Christiana Phillips had problems with her parents as they argued every time so she started to eat a lot to get rid of those problems. At the age of 12, she already weighed about 286 Ibs and by the age of 25, she was more than 700 pounds and stopped leaving her house. She was dependent on
her mother and her husband.

She lost 525 pounds after the help of a TV show ( My-600-Ib-life ) and with a lot of hard work but sadly she lost her husband and suffering through PTSD, depression and has gained anorexia.

#3 Marla McCants

Credits: © TLC   © Marla McCants / facebook  

Marla suffered through a lot of trauma in her life according to her interview in the rickey smiley show, firstly she was molested by her father, and secondly, she got kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. The fear of getting killed by her ex-boyfriend engaged her to emotional eating unless he got caught by local authorities when she was 43 years but it was too late and she was weighing about 793 pounds. After the help of TV show  My-600-Ib-life  and her efforts, she lost 266 pounds.

Marla didn’t stop her weight loss journey and continued her journey as before with more ambition and reached 300 Ibs.

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