Light Table


Box- buy one or build one. I used Oak for my box.

Tempered glass top: I purchased mine from IKEA- it was meant to be a kitchen table top.

Light fixtures. I used 2- 4 foot-T8 Fluorescent lights.

Step 1: Build a Box to House the Lights/Glass Top

I sized the box so that my piece of glass would fit flush with the sides and leave enough room for the fixtures. After some research, 12-14 inches deep is ideal to diffuse and spread out the light.

Step 2: Create Ventilation Holes to Provide Air Circulation.

Depending on the sort of sunshine you select you’ll need a big amount of ventilation. This air circulation will allow the box to remain cool while you’re employed .

I was getting to drill holes for this, but decided to chop a pattern into the edges of the sunshine table. This looks amazing, but I even have to say- I’ll never do this again! there have been many tiny leaves to chop out!

Step 3: Install the Electrical Components

Now you can introduce your light installations and plug them in. I chose to add a couple of custom highlights to my table. Since I work in recolored glass, it’s helpful to have a force source to pound the glass and patch it directly on the light table. I chose to wire the table so it has a switch and an outlet.
I cut 2 openings in the front and introduced electrical boxes. One box housed the outlet, and the other the ON/OFF switch. I utilized an apparatus line and wired the lights to the switch. At the point when the lights in the table are turned ON, the outlet has power.
While cutting an opening for the machine line, a portion of the forgets about broke the side. Fortunately, they had the option to be stuck back set up without any issues.

Step 4: Install Hardware to Customize Your Table.

In building this light table, I expected to utilize what I had close by. I was attempting to think about an approach to go through the table without taking a lot of room. I figured it would be advantageous on the off chance that it could overlap level against the divider when not being used.
To accomplish this, I introduced a long screw at the rear of each side of the light table. I at that point took rack equipment and remove the long segment, penetrated an opening and cut a score into the equipment. Along these lines, the light table can be introduced on a current rack framework I had and overlay level for capacity.
Since the table overlays level for capacity, I required an approach to guarantee the glass top didn’t drop out. What I wound up doing was introducing “T” nuts within the case on the 4 corners. I at that point stuck elastic onto L sections and introduced them on the 4 corners. These sections forestall the glass top from dropping out when the table is collapsed level against the divider.

Step 5: Enjoy

The light table joins to retire sections mounted on the divider and creases level for capacity. I found that on the off chance that I mount the table simply over the tallness of a shop truck, the shop truck can go about as a base for the table. I initially utilized piece wood as front legs, yet found the shop truck framework works significantly better.
The more I have utilized this table, the more uses I have found for it:
Following examples and making plans.
It’s HUGE! Be that as it may, it occupies basically NO room level against the divider.
Ready to set glass over the example and cut legitimately on the light table, no compelling reason to cut bits of paper and paste it to the glass.
Binding on the light table is extremely sheltered, the light table doesn’t assimilate any warmth from the welding iron, and any patch that falls quickly hardens on contact with the glass.
Cutting anything with a X-Acto blade is brisk and doesn’t harm the glass.
Compose estimations straightforwardly onto the glass, draw, make records, utilize white board markers for speedy conceptualizing or sharpies for increasingly lasting imprints.
Simple tidy up: clear the top and wipe it with some Windex.
Utilizing a projector you can change the extents of your plan quickly no math, no outings to the Print shop, no cutting printer paper and taping it together.
Gathering/stick up table-stick scrapes up neatly and gracious so satisfyingly!
Advantageous outlet-no compelling reason to run additional strings everywhere, simply utilize the one on the table.
Additional light apparatus that fills the carport with light
I could go on all day…..just go manufacture one for yourself!

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