Make a Boat With Shelving

In this instructable i will be able to show you ways to form a wooden boat with shelving.

The materials you’ll need will be: roll of paper , 1/2 of a sheet of 3/8 inch beaded oak plywood, 1/2 of a sheet of 1/4 inch oak plywood that’s finished on each side , 1/2 of a sheet of 1/2 inch birch plywood,10ft of 3/4 inch in oak, wood glue, staples, nails, and a stain of your choice.

The tools¬†you’ll¬†got to¬†use¬†during this¬†project¬†may be a¬†table saw, a band saw, a jig saw, a sander, a belt sander, a miter saw, a drill, clamps, a staple gun, and a finish nailer.

Step 1: Creating Your Pattern

For this step¬†you’ll¬†need your sheet of¬†paper¬†. I¬†began¬†by rolling of about 6 ft long of¬†paper¬†out¬†and that i¬†cut it about 6 ft long, I then found¬†the middle¬†of¬†the development¬†paper, Next I got¬†a bit¬†of scrap ply wood I had laying around my shop and used that¬†to make¬†the bend for the pattern. I then copied that side onto¬†the opposite¬†side of the pattern. Then I cut out the pattern. Now¬†you’re¬†able to¬†make¬†the rear¬†panel.

Step 2: Making the Back Panel

Next I ripped my 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch plywood¬†right down to¬†24inches wide, I then glued those two pieces together¬†to make¬†the rear¬†of the boat, let that dry. I then marked on¬†the rear¬†side of the shelf where I wanted¬†to put¬†the shelving because¬†it’s¬†easier to mark where¬†you would like¬†your shelf when your piece is square. Shelf locations are your own preferences, I marked my shelves at, from bottom to top, 12″, 23 1/2″, 35″, 46 3/4″. Next take your pattern and align that with the piece¬†that you simply¬†have just glued together and trace¬†round the¬†fringe of¬†the pattern, then cut the pattern¬†that you simply¬†have traced out, after i cut¬†the rear¬†piece out I sanded¬†the sides¬†to urge¬†obviate¬†all of the saw marks. I then sanded the front and back of the panel so I¬†did not have¬†to travel¬†back and sand them after I put the shelving in because¬†it’s¬†easier.

Step 3: Adding the Shelving

Rip your shelves down, bottom shelf is 8″ wide, other shelves 6 1/2″ wide (you can make the shelves whatever size you want). Mark the shelf length on¬†rock bottom¬†panel because the angle will change with each shelf, mine are: Bottom shelf 14 degrees, 4th shelf 7 degrees, 3rd shelf 0 degrees, 2nd shelf 6 degrees, 1st shelf 13 degrees. Marking the shelves on¬†rock bottom¬†panel will¬†offer you¬†your angle. After I got all of my shelves¬†stop¬†I sanded all of the shelves. Next I continued my lines that we drew earlier on the side of¬†the rear¬†panel so¬†i might¬†know where to align the shelves, I then pre drilled holes through¬†the rear¬†panel where my shelves are connecting too. I used 1 5/8″ screws¬†to lock¬†the shelves to¬†the rear¬†panel. I then aligned the shelf with the lines on the side of¬†the rear¬†panel¬†then¬†clamped them down so I could screw them in from¬†the rear¬†,¬†you’ll¬†also run a bead of wood glue across¬†the rear¬†of the shelf before you screw them in but¬†confirm¬†the glue¬†doesn’t¬†run out¬†the edges¬†of the board because¬†once you¬†attend¬†stain it the glued area¬†won’t¬†accept the stain. Continue doing that for all of your shelves. Next¬†you’ll¬†cut your bow piece, The bow piece is 7 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ with a 28 degree angle creating a triangle piece, now screw you bow piece at¬†the highest¬†so your side panels will have something¬†to attach¬†too. Now your Boat is shelved¬†and prepared¬†for the side panels.

Step 4: Adding Side Panels

Now take your sheet of 1/4″ ply wood and rip two pieces that are 8″ wide,¬†this may¬†make your side panels. Next mark your panels to length. I marked mine by clamping the front edge flush with the bow piece¬†then¬†marking¬†rock bottom¬†to length,¬†do this¬†with both panels. Once I got both of my panels¬†move¬†length I sanded the side that was¬†getting to¬†face the shelves because¬†it’s¬†easier¬†to travel¬†ahead and sand it. Next¬†you’re¬†getting to¬†want to nail and glue your side panels on. I used 1/4″ x 1″ staples, again¬†confirm¬†you do not¬†get glue on any areas¬†that you simply¬†want to stain. I nailed my side panels on by stapling and gluing the front to the bow,¬†then¬†I put wood glue on all of the ends of the shelves¬†then¬†nailed the panels on to the shelves,¬†do this¬†for¬†each side¬†. Then putty and sand all of your nail holes. Now¬†you’re¬†ready for your top rail pieces.

Step 5: Adding Your Rail Pieces

This step is all custom to what¬†you would like¬†,¬†this is often¬†just what I did. I started by ripping strips that were 3/8″ x 3/4″. I made spacers and placed them about every shelf¬†then¬†an extended¬†strip at¬†the highest¬†, next I took my other piece that I cut out and roughly cut it to size by putting it on¬†the surface¬†of the boat¬†then¬†marking¬†rock bottom¬†. I did that for¬†the within¬†rail piece too. If your pieces¬†don’t¬†fit perfectly thats fine,¬†we’ll¬†hide all of the ends¬†once we¬†make the trim pieces¬†within the¬†next step. Before¬†you set¬†your rail pieces on¬†make certain¬†you sand them. Start by nailing and glueing your spacers on, then pin nail and glue your in side and out side pieces,¬†make certain¬†to use¬†many¬†clamps. Let that¬†found out¬†over night. Once¬†that’s¬†dry remove you clamps and sand¬†the highest¬†of the rail with a belt sander¬†to form¬†the highest¬†pieces are even, then¬†return¬†and putty all cracks and nail holes. After the putty drys¬†return¬†with a finish sander to sand¬†the surplus¬†putty off and to smooth everything down.¬†undergo¬†an equivalent¬†steps¬†to finish¬†the opposite¬†side rail. Now¬†you’re¬†able to¬†make your trim pieces.

Step 6: Adding Your Trim Pieces

You can make your trim pieces how ever you would like them to seem , the trim pieces are only for decoration and to hide up the tops and bottoms of your rail pieces, that being said your trim pieces are completely custom to you. I made my top trim piece sort of a triangle figure with an arched bottom piece to offer it some decoration. to form my bottom piece I roughly drew an ornamental piece that might cover the ends of my rail pieces. I nailed and glued both of these pieces on then puttied the nail holes and went back and sanded the putty off. then I routed the sides of my top and bottom trim piece to around the edge off to offer it some more decoration. then I sanded the whole boat once more to prep it to be stained.

Step 7: Stain and Poly


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