Make A Mojitonator To Your Own Garden Step By Step

Step 1: Make Your Mint Cuttings

Cut a minimum of 4 branches with 4-5 set of leaves.
Remove the leaves from the two bottom sets
Boil some water and make yourself a mint infusion šŸ™‚
Put the cuttings in water. Don’t let leaves touch the water, just stems.
Roots will show after 3-4 days. It’s very quick. You can put them in your Mojitonator after a week or two.

Step 2: Materials & Tools

1 Plastic Bucket (2 gal)
4 Mesh pots (3.5 in)
1 Air pump
1 Air stone with tubing
Hydroponic nutrients (1 l of A + 1 l of B solution)
Expanded clay
4 Water Rooted Mint Cuttings
1 Water Level indicator (optional)
Exacto knife
Drill bits
3.5″ Hole saw (optional)

Step 3: Make Holes in the Lid for the Mesh Pots

You needĀ to formĀ 4 holesĀ to carryĀ the 4 mesh potsĀ within theĀ lid ofĀ the twoĀ gal bucket.

With Hole Saw
Use a 3.5″ hole saw on your drill and make 4 holesĀ within theĀ lid
Without Hole Saw
Draw 4 circles on your lid
Cutout with exacto knife
You can also useĀ alittleĀ drilling bitĀ and make multiple holes following the lines you madeĀ thenĀ finishĀ the workĀ with the exacto knife.

Step 4: Make Holes for the Air Pump Tubing and Water Lever Indicator

Air Pump Tubing
Make a hole with aĀ drilling bitĀ the dimensionsĀ of the tubing between two mesh pots holeĀ within theĀ lid.
Put the tube throughĀ the openingĀ and insert air stone atĀ the topĀ .
Water Level Indicator
Make sureĀ the openingĀ isn’tĀ to big for the water level indicator to squeezed tightĀ within theĀ hole.
AjusteĀ the peakĀ of the indicator with maximum waterĀ within theĀ bucket

Step 5: Make the Hydroponic Solution

Hydroponic Growth Solution
Fill your bucket until the water level is 1/2 to 3/4 inch higher thenĀ rock bottomĀ of the mesh pot.
Follow the instructions on your nutrient bottles. Mine was 25 ml ofĀ an answerĀ + 25 ml of B solution.
For optimum growthĀ you ought toĀ adjust the pH. But its not crucial.Ā you’dĀ need a pH pen and a pH up or down solution.

Step 6: Put Your Mint Cutting in the Mesh Pots

Rooted Cuttings
It’s now timeĀ to placeĀ your rooted cuttingĀ within theĀ mesh pots.

Make sure the roots areĀ within theĀ water. Add water if necessary.
Fill the mesh pot with expanded clay while holding the cutting
To make the plant more bushy, cutĀ the mostĀ stem underĀ the primaryĀ set of leaves. New shoots will appear at every nodesĀ thereunderĀ .
If you started seedlingsĀ during aĀ rockwool cube,Ā awaitĀ rootsĀ to returnĀ out ofĀ rock bottomĀ of the cubeĀ to placeĀ them in your system. Just drop them aĀ rock bottomĀ of the mesh pot, touching slightly the water.
ForĀ the primaryĀ fortnightĀ keepĀ an eye fixedĀ on the water levelĀ therefore theĀ cubes don’t dry out.

Step 7: Place the Mojitonator in a Sunny Spot

You can put your Mojitonator on your patio. IfĀ you employĀ a black bucket,Ā it’dĀ get hot. Paint it white or put something over it. Don’t use a white bucket. The sun will go thought the bucket and make algae in your solution.
Find a sunny spot in your house or add lighting made for plants.Ā i exploitĀ these Sunblaster 48″ led light strips.

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