1. 3/4″ Furniture grade Birch ply
  2. 1″x? Pre primed pine
  3. crown molding
  4. Base caps
  5. Chop saw
  6. table saw
  7. nail guns
  8. screw gun
  9. Kreg pocket hole j
  10. glue
  11. Paint

Step 1: The Bookcases and Cabinets

Everything was made from 3/4″ furniture grade birch plywood and pre-primed pine. The plywood was cut to size and the shelves are inset using a Dado blade set to the right size. This gives the shelves strength for the heavy books that will rest on them. Pine face frames are made with a Kreg pocket hole jig.

Step 2: Installing the Pieces

The bookcases were built in small manageable sections as I was doing this all alone. The sides of the entry are covered with this raised panel detail I made from pine and 3/4″ MDF as it routers clean and is smooth for this application. I do NOT recommend using MDF for anything that entails strength!

Step 3: Base Moldings and Details

To tie it all together so it looks seamless I add the base moldings and detail molding.

Step 4: Prime and Paint

Prime and paint everything with a good primer. I use Zinsser Bulls eye water based primer and Benjamin Moore semi gloss Mayonnaise.

Step 5: Add Wainscot to the Walls

I added a simple wainscot to the walls that really ties it all together. The look goes a long way to make this room elegant. Same color as the shelves.

Step 6: Coffered Ceiling

The ceiling was a must to bring it all together. The beams were made from 1″x4″ pine in my shop and then simply slide over 2″x4″ already attached to the ceiling. Finished the inside with antique tin i simply clear coated and kept the age. Finished with solid crown inside each box.

Step 7: Almost Done

All the painting and detail work is done. Just waiting on the library ladder and some books!

Step 8: Finished Library

There are over 1000 books in here and still a ton more room for more. This has become one of our favorite rooms to sit and relax.

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