Make Your Own Wedding Sneakers And Be Happy

Step 1

didn’t fancy spending hour after hour gluing on every stone, so I got pretty excited once I found these self adhesive Rhinestones all you had to try to to was pull them off and push them onto the sneakers. I had seen personalised shoes while i used to be checking out wedding shoes and Loved the thought . I added her married name to the side of the shoes.

Step 2

I used a thin felt tip pen to write the name as a guideline. I would not recommend this because mine smudged once I added the glue. Maybe a pencil would work better.

Step 3

I added tarzan grip glue around the words and used my finger to add the Small blue rhinestones to spell out the name.

Step 4

I also ordered small Diamante rhinestones to fill in between the words.

Step 5

The bottom section of the shoes looked a little plain so I ordered some heart stones to stick on the front.

Step 6

Heart Rhinestones added to the front.

Step 7

I also added the date of the wedding on the back of the shoes.

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