Some “DIY WHY” Projects That Probably Should’ve Never Happened

With the web packed with ‘Do It Without anyone’s help’ instructional recordings and posts, it would seem that everyone and their moms should be DIY aces. Notwithstanding, a portion of these high quality tasks and hacks ought to never under any circumstance have come around! What’s more, they’re causing us to ask, “DiWHY would you actually do this?”

Unexpectedly, ‘DiWHY’ is the name of the 1.1-million-in number subreddit that is brimming with carefully assembled calamities and bombs that will make you need to show them to your father and make him moan with despair. Look at probably the greatest DIY WTFs and recollect to upvote the best of the most exceedingly awful ones as you look down.

#1 Bumper Rockery

#2 Something I Found On Twitter
#3 This Great Wall Of China

“Ever give fixing things a shot your own? Didn’t come out the manner in which they should? Do you remain there scrutinizing for what seems like forever? Provided that this is true, present your outcomes here on DiWHY, where [crappy] ventures from DIY live prosperously,” the network arbitrators portray the subreddit’s principle mission on the web.

Having been begun route in 2013, the ‘DiWHY’ subreddit’s “craft glue weapon fans” (that what individuals call themselves) commended its seventh birthday celebration a week ago on November 20. While their substance is extraordinary for realizing what to keep away from no matter what, it’s likewise valuable to have some broad DIY rules to get you out.

#4 I’m Scared

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